Beth Hogan


Attorney Beth A. Hogan joined Attorney Conrad Seifert in the 1990’s to form the law firm of Seifert and Hogan.  Attorney Hogan concentrates in the areas of criminal defense litigation, civil practice, juvenile and family law.  Attorney Hogan served in the past as court appointed guardian ad litem for minor children in criminal matters in New London County.  Attorney Hogan is a graduate of Boston University and Quinnipiac Law School.

Attorney Hogan’s recent law practice focuses on fair sentences for juveniles based on recent Supreme Court decisions. These cases recognize a child’s brain is developmentally immature and that children should not be prosecuted, tried and sentenced as though they are adults in our criminal justice system.

Attorney Hogan is deeply committed to community service. Attorney Hogan is currently employed at a Connecticut statewide nonprofit agency and is a project manager in the areas of advocacy, program development, community outreach and engagement with local and state leadership including neighborhood communities.  

Attorney Hogan is a former First Selectman of East Lyme having earlier served on the Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance.  She is an advisory member of East Lyme employee pension committee. She serves on the Board of OIC (Opportunities Industrialization Center) of New London, which provides employment training, vocational counseling and job placement services to low income individuals and individuals formerly incarcerated.   Attorney Hogan serves as an advisory Board member of People Interrupted of Eastern Ct.  She is the past board president of the Boys and Girls Club of SECT and Alliance for Living (HIV/AIDS) in New London. In addition to her board service, Attorney Hogan is a member of the Partnership for Stronger Communities; Connecticut Housing Coalition; Coordinated Access Network for Eastern CT (Homeless Response Entry System); New London Opioid Action Team; Community Health Improvement Collaborative of Southeastern Ct and New London Community Providers Network. 

She is licensed to practice law at the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut, and in the States of Connecticut and New York.

Ms. Hogan enjoys new challenges and loves being a mentor to young people interested in the election process. Someday Ms. Hogan would love to grow a garden where the flowers do not die. And, to cook a meal without setting off a fire alarm. 

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